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5 Free At-Home Kids Activities

We all love our kids, but entertaining them 24/7 without friends, family and playgrounds to help is hard!

Here's five activities you can do for free or with things in your cupboard!

1. ABC Kids Online

Activity Pack

From Pepper Pig to Bluey, ABC Kids online has endless learning and craft activities to keep the little ones busy.

Download and print off your own colouring in 'Bluey' masks or watch your favourite episode.

2. Draw your favourite

Disney Character

You no longer need to travel to Disneyland to engage in a lesion on how to draw your favourite character.

The Imagineering team have developed an online how to draw platform with the Disney animation team.

Lean to draw The Little Mermaid, Frozen and much more.

3. Take a Virtual tour of the Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum opens up to show you at home around the 300,000 specimens.

Let Sir David Attenborough guide you around Hintze Hall, then test your knowledge by downloading activities and lesion plans from the learning centre. These include a Dino Directory and try at home science experiments.

4. Make Play Dough!

If you can get your hands on some flour, this super simple natural recipe will keep the little ones occupied inside or outside. is a great resource for free activities whilst self-isolating

5. Go on a bear hunt!

People around Albany have been letting their bears hang out on their front porch so your family can go on a bear hunt!

Make your daily walk fun by snapping photos of bears while you're out and about - just make sure you're not trespassing on private property to do so, and are following social distancing guidelines.


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