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5 reasons why you should support Albany Businesses

We've all heard the slogans - Support Small, Support Local, Albany Open For Business- but why should you actually shop at a small Albany business?

Here's 5 reasons why if you love Albany you should be supporting our small businesses.

1. For every dollar spent in Albany, approximately 70c STAYS in Albany

This statistics varies from industry to industry, but in the retail sector for every dollar spent 78c stays in Albany, and in Accomodation & Food and Beverage 67c stays in the Albany economy! (Source: National Economics (NIEIR) - Modelled series)

That means Albany small businesses are investing their money back into Albany people, Albany clubs, and other Albany small businesses.

2. You can (usually) try before you buy!

There's nothing more annoying than buying something online, and then having to return it for whatever reason. With Australia Post under pressure and parcels taking forever to get here, there's never been a better time to support an Albany business by popping into their store!

3. Local businesses invest in the Albany community

Albany's sporting clubs, schools and interest groups all rely on people's valuable time and sponsorship to be able to head to Countryweek competitions, run programs like PCYC, get new jerseys and more.

More often than not, it's Albany businesses investing their profits back into Albany that makes this all possible.

4. Get great advice!

When you buy from a local, chances are you can also pick their brains!

For example, local garden centres and landscaping businesses are more likely to know what is the best thing to plant at certain times of the year. Albany's handymen and gardening experts will be able to tell you when it's best to prune your roses or clean out your gutters and your local camping stores can probably give you the insiders scoop on the best spots to set up your swag!

5. Small businesses give Albany character and life!

Tourism is under fire at the moment Australia wide, but when national border restrictions lift and international tourists are allowed back in, we want them to spend their money in Albany.

But that means they need businesses to exist! Get behind your local tourism operators, accommodation providers, cafe's, lunchbars, and restaurants by inviting your friends and families on a winter getaway.

Call Albany Visitors Centre on (08) 6820 3726 to book your next tour or accommodation on the Amazing South Coast!

Visit our Support Local page for resources to support your business, and lists of businesses in different industries (with more added each week!)

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