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5 Top Tips for Pets during Isolation 🐶

It is not only human routine that has been turned upside down, our pets are experiencing disruption to their normal routine such as sleeping on the bed all day, chewing your favorite shoes or just enjoying some R&R in the sun and barking at the mail man.

To many people now working from home, pets have become their new co-workers and now play a key role in keeping online conference meetings both engaging and productive. Albany is home to amazing and dedicated animal professionals. Businesses such as vets, pet stores and charities are adapting and ready to support you and your fury friends.

Here are a few tips to maintain your pets physical and mental health whilst creating a balance of work and fun during COVID-19.

1. Keep Routine Physical activity is just as important to your pet’s health as it is yours. Daily walks around your local neighborhood minimises stress and anxiety. It will keep the waist line in check from the extra treat times.

2. Build an emergency kit It is important to make sure that you have your pet necessities and plan for any medical emergencies. Medicines, treatments (worm, flea etc.), food and shampoo are all basic needs your pet may require. Local vets are adapting to change by offering home delivery service and car park consultations.

3. Volunteer for a charity Charities are one of the first organizations to feel the pressure in challenging times. Contact a local organisation and ask about fostering a pet, donating goods or even volunteering your time to take a dog for a walk, it all contributes to maintaining these important organizations function and longevity. The Great Southern has a range of non-for-profit organisations such as Albany Animal Welfare, Great Southern Animal Protection and the RSPCA.

4. Make new toys

Pet owners can create indoor play time for your favorite friend. Agility courses, treasure hunts or making a new toy are fun ways to keep your pet moving mentally and physically. Check out the link for inspiration to creating your new toys today:

5. Update your pets record Vaccinations and medical records are important to keep up to date in case your pet is required to stay somewhere else should you become ill. Keeping your pet’s registration update is imperative for their safety and your piece of mind. Check with your local vet for microchip details and contact the City of Albany customer service team to register your dog or cat.


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