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7 Games to play indoors

The great thing about iso life is that there's so much time for fun!

Here's 7 free/cheap ideas of games to play indoors - for both the young and young at heart!

  1. Put on a Play

  2. Make Indoor Hopscotch. Use masking tape to make your own hopscotch on tiles your own

  3. Have a Dance Party

  4. Have a Tea Party

  5. Play with Water In a Bin With Toys

  6. Set up a pretend shop with items from around the house. Grab a shopping basket and set up the merchandise, then have the kids 'buy' the items with pretend money! Or set up a shop with things they can buy and keep as a reward for doing chores.

  7. Make a Sock Toss Game. Use mismatched socks and fill them with beans or rice. Then try to see how many you can ‘score’ in a laundry basket.

Got great ideas to share? We want to hear them! Click 'Contribute' on our home page to send in your ideas, or tag @thecityofalbanywa on Instagram and Facebook and use #albanyinthistogether

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