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Daily learn at home activities with Albany Regional Daycare!

The incredible team at Albany Regional Daycare are creating short daily videos of things you can do with your 1-5 year old's at home. Check in every weekday for a new video!

1. OOBLECK aka Goo!

2. Water Play!

3. Colour Sorting Activity!

4. Messy Science with Albany Leisure and Aquatic Centre!

Create a volcano at home!

5. ANZAC Day Egg-carton Poppy Wreath

We’ll walk you through the process step by step. It’s easy and the kids will love getting involved! Feel free to also display your finished creation at your mailbox on Anzac Day!

Let’s get started:

What do you need?

1. Egg cartons.

2. Round cardboard or paper plate.

3. Scissors,

4. Red and black paint and paintbrushes.

5. Glue (we used a hot-glue gun, but paper-craft glue should also do the trick)


1. Cut out the individual hollows of the egg carton.

2. Paint the insides and outsides of the cartons with red paint. Let it dry.

3. Paint the inside with a bit of black paint / colour with texta or permanent marker.

4. Glue your printed or hand-written sign onto your circular cardboard shape or paper plate.

5. Glue the dried “poppies” onto the cardboard to make your wreath.

6. Lounge Room Fun!


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