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Albany's 10 Great Walks by Fergus Stephens

We live in a beautiful place with incredible walks to get you out and about.

Councillor Rebecca Stephens has challenged her son Fergus, aged 9 to explore our big backyard by completing Albany's 10 Great Walks!

Check in for his reviews as they complete them all.

1. Luke Pen Walk

My name is Fergus and I am 9 years old. On Wednesday 15 April, 2020 our Family did the Luke Pen Walk.

We walked for about 90 min as it started to rain quiet heavily and only got half way. If you went the whole way it could take around 2 hours.

You cannot ride your bike on the Luke Pen walk because the ground is very uneven but you could take a dog. I don’t recommend puppies or small dogs but other breeds yes.

If you go in rain it's quite hard because the trail turns into a mini river but I think it would be quite easy if it wasn’t raining. There are a few steep parts and some logs and sticks that you have to make sure you don’t trip over.

It's special because of how scenic it is. It is a beautiful trail and it looks better when its raining because you can watch the rain drops on the Kalgan River.

Tips: Bring two cars, go in a group and if you have kids bring them! It is an amazing trail and if kids see it at a young age they could bring their kids there 20 years later.

I look forward to sharing our story from Point Possession …. We hope to walk it on Saturday.


2. Point Posession Heritage Trail

Friday 17 April 2020

How long did it take the family to complete it?

Around an hour and thirty minutes but we did stop to rest and have a snack.

Can you ride on your bike or take the dog?

I do not recommend taking your bike because it is quite uneven terrain.

But taking a dog yes if the dog can climb. Our puppy Cino loved the walked but remember to take water for your dog as they get thirsty along the way.

How hard is it?

Quite hard because its like a mountain uneven terrain going up hill and then you have to walk along the beach on the sand. I would not recommend the walk for families with children under the age of 6 years.

What’s special about this trail? It is beautiful, the water is clear and very blue. I liked seeing Chenyes II ship wreck from the top of Point Possesion.

Tip – Make sure you pack your bathers so you can go for a swim at Whaling Cove. Remember to pack a snack, water and a hat.

3. Mt Clarence Heritage and Granite Trail

Saturday 18 April

How long did it take the family to complete it? About 45 minutes

Can you ride your bike or take the dog?

Yes you can ride on some of the trail and we took Cino on this walk.

How hard is it?

Some places were hard, we got lost as some of the signs where hard to follow. We ended up on a street and had to get back on the trail which was all up hill.

What’s special about this trail? You can find some very nice viewing points of the city and over Middleton beach.

This has been my least favourite trail because you have to walk through the street and tree scrub and do not get much of a view. I also didn’t like how may hills we had to go up J.

TIP – Bring a map, don’t get lost ! (Could have been mums fault). Even though it was a shorter walk, don’t forget your hat, water and snack. (I loved the dried strawberries from Handasyde Strawberry Farm)

4. Lake Seppings Sunday 19 April 2020

Sunday 19 April

How long did it take the family to complete it?

30 -40 mins

Can you ride you bike or take the dog?

Yes it is great to ride a bike, walk, run and Poppy could ride his gopher.

How hard is it?

It is not very hard as it is flat and does not have any hills.

What’s special about this trail?

How it goes around a lake and is easier for my Grandma to join me as it is flat and for Poppy to race me on my bike in his gopher.

TIP – Good place to go before or after school as it is in town.

5. Little Grove to Sandpatch

Monday 27 April

How long did it take the family to complete it?

It took around two and a half hours

Can you ride it, take the dog etc?

You could ride parts of the trail, it goes through national parks and dogs are not allowed.

What is special about the trail?

Some of the views are pretty nice

How hard is it?

Quiet hard – because you have to walk up and down sandy tracks and go up a load of hills

Tip – Do not go on a hot day as we saw 6 snakes and it was scary! We ran part of the way, my sister screamed when she saw the snake in front of her. We went the wrong way to start as there was no signs….. I think we walked about 9km.

This was our least favourite walk because of the snakes and also how long and hard it was.


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