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Camping in Albany

Camping is allowed again!

Can't wait to go and explore our beautiful big backyard this weekend? Or just want to set up in the backyard at home? Run into a bit of a hurdle and realised you don't have the right equipment?

These shops in Albany are open and can help you out!

1. Albany 4WD and Camping Centre

Opening Hours: 8:30am  to 5:00pm

Address: 6 Minna St

Contact: (08) 6819 7777

2. BCF - Boating, Camping and Fishing

Address: 319 - 331 CR Hanrahan Road & Mawson Street Albany

Contact: (08) 9841 2133

3. Camping Kayaks 4×4

Opening Hours: 8am – 5pm.

Address: 173 Chester Pass Road

Contact: (08) 9842 2267

4. Ray's Sportspower

Address: 288 York St, Albany

Contact: (08) 9842 2842

5. Trailblazers

Address: 184 Albany Hwy. Albany

Contact: (08) 9841 7859

Have we missed your business? Let us know and we'll add you in!

Get all the latest on the restrictions on camping in Albany here, and get all the information about Albany's six nature-based campsites.

Make sure you're following social distancing rules while out and about this weekend. Stay up to date.


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