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Celebration Highway

Help us create Albany's longest continuous strip of bunting in celebration of us (eventually) coming back together again.

COVID 19 has impacted the way we live our lives. Currently many people in our community are isolated, looking for connection and hoping for a time when we will all be able to come together again. That's why here at the Vancouver Arts Centre, we launched "Celebration Highway".

Celebration Highway is a simple project every member of our community can participate in. It is a project we can work on in our isolation and it is only complete when we all come together again.

How can I take part?

Participants can take part in two ways:

1) Sew a strip of bunting - perfect for those with some sewing skills

2) Hand tie or hand sew a strip of bunting - perfect for those with no sewing skills or those creating with children

Where can I find instructions?

Instructions have been printed in the Weekender or you can download a copy HERE.

We have also found some great instructional videos which can help you to create your own section of bunting.

Sewing bunting:

Hand tie bunting

If you still need help let us know! We are more than happy to offer assistance.

What materials do I use?

Each piece of bunting can be created using any colours, fabrics, and designs the participant would like to use. We encourage you to use fabrics that can be easily washed to ensure the bunting can be used for years to come.

If you don't have access to fabric please contact the Vancouver Arts Centre who will be able to supply you with fabric that will create 3m of bunting.

We encourage participants to make their piece of bunting a reflection of themselves and their time in isolation. Participants can also complete an information sheet which will be stored along with photographs of their piece of bunting as part of the Albany local history collection.

I've finished my bunting what do I do now?

Bunting should be returned to the Vancouver Arts Centre where it will be documented and sewn to other returned pieces. Please return your piece of bunting by September 30th.

Where can I see my bunting displayed?

Our intention is that the bunting will be used for the first big public event that the City of Albany is able to host. We will also have the bunting on display as part of the Town Hall re-opening, currently scheduled for 2021.

Where can I get more information?

Please contact the Vancouver Arts Centre on (08) 6820 3740 or email or find us on facebook at


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