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Declutter Your Space

Long, long ago in a land before Kondo, decluttering was something that hardly sparked joy in anyone. But safe to say we now get that it’s so damn hot to have clean lines and surfaces, like some minimalist influencer on Insta.

Decluttering, why tho?

Maybe you’ve thought about the financials of selling your unwanted stuff already? Maybe you know that a simpler life means less organising, cleaning and possibly more time? But have you ever wondered why decluttering is just so damn good for the planet?

Doesn’t getting rid of stuff just create more waste, and pave the way for you buying more? Well son, we’re so glad you asked...

We’ve all dropped off a box of stuff to our local charity shop only to walk into another store and come out with the same amount of different stuff on the way out, right? These sorts of habits are hardly going to save the World. Well, like all the great decluttering gurus of yore, we’re going to say it again, but this time Yoda style, “Change your shopping habits, decluttering can.” Yep, you get it, clearing the decks can start you on the journey to thinking about what you buy or bring back in.

Does anyone need my stuff?

Most savvy secondhand shoppers aren’t stuff accumulators or hoarders. Many of them are looking for “that one special thing” and that might be the item that's sitting next to you. No, not that one, the one next to that. Holding on to the unappreciated stuff you have might force even the most ardent environmentalist to buy a similar product new and that's why in the words of Disney’s Elsa you’ve got to “Let it Goooo”.

Taste-shapingly good

When we held onto everything, we start to feel those things are needed. With time comes obligation to hold onto things for “sentimental reasons”. What that really means though is keeping even the things that we don’t find stylish or that we don’t really love. Clearing the decks lets us keep the stuff that aligns with who we are now (not who we were in 1993, despite, trust us, that person being completely awesome). A decluttered wardrobe can hone a personal style, so maybe start by culling those ill fitting pleather pants.

Honey, I cleared out the house!

So if you’re onboard and want the how-to of decluttering, there’s a million and one techniques to fall down the google rabbit-hole so you can get started any time. And rest assured there’s no one size fits all approach. You can turn every room upside down in one foul swoop, with the relationship rocking “Babe its going to get much worse, before it gets better” approach. Or you can chip away slowly at it in a much less dramatic (but frankly much less fun way). Either way, most agree that once you’ve got a pile of gear that’s going to be leaving your home, the easiest way to move it on it to do it in one go is to have a garage sale.

Garage Sale Trail

Garage Sale Trail is coming to Albany on 21 & 22 November. Naturally, we think Garage Sale Trail is a no brainer when it comes to finding the ultimate clean up cure for your newly decluttered life. Just remember to thank us when you see some minimalist wearing your pleather pants on the socials. For more information,

Adapted from the Garage Sale Trail blog, 09 August 2019.


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