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Easy come, easy grow - in iso!

Hanging out at home hey?

Thinking you might like to grow a green thumb in iso?

Keen to get some vegetables growing – but you need some fertiliser right?

Uhoh! That means facing a busy hardware store – or does it?!

What about the DIY option – come on, join many other Albany residents on the Compost Revolution!

Making your own compost is quick, easy and so rewarding. You’ll get heaps in return:

  • Less waste will go in your household bin that ends up in landfill.

  • You’ll break a sweat and get fit

  • Free compost for your gorgeous seedlings to bloom

  • You’ll feel just like Costa from Gardening Australia

  • You might even take your neighbours scraps to help them out and do your bit!

It’s easy peasy, follow these steps:
  1. Visit

  2. Order and pay online for your bin, and if you want it aerator tool, for $50 - $70 (that’s half price!)

  3. Do the quick and easy online tutorial so you’ve got the smarts to get started when it arrives

  4. For a bit of fun step up and take the quiz – let’s see how much stuck!

  5. When its on it’s way we’ll send you a notification and our Waste Services Team will drop it off contactless!

  6. Pull out that guide for a refresher and bam! You’re off into the world of green, and sometimes not all clean fun!

Watch this great video of local Composting Guru Yann for more tips!

Having issues with ordering your compost bin? Call the City of Albany Waste and Sustainability Team on (08) 6820 3918.

Join us every week on #SustainabilitySunday for more tips on how to be a Sustainable Hero in isolation!


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