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Eating well for less 💰

When you are on a tight budget to feed yourself or your family, processed foods can seem cheaper, especially in the short term. But in the long term, buying processed foods for every meal can add up cost wise and provide little to no health benefits.

The good news is healthy eating does not have to cost more. Stretch your household dollar and boost your health with these ideas:

Buy frozen or canned 🥦🌽🥕🧅

Buying fresh is great if you can, but remember that frozen or canned vegetables, beans or fruits can be just as nutritious and store well. Look for ‘no added salt’, ‘low-salt’ or ‘reduced-salt’ versions and choose fruit canned in juice rather than syrup.

Waste nothing

If your fresh fruit and veggies are looking a bit sad by the end of the week, use them up in fruit smoothies or add them to porridge, stews and soups. Freeze any leftovers or have them for lunch the next day.

Fill up with grains and pulses

Long-lasting dried goods like oats, dried beans, lentils, split peas, rice, and couscous are some of the cheapest and most filling foods in the supermarket. They are also low in calories and fat but packed with fibre, vitamins and minerals. Use them to bulk up dishes or replace meat in curries.

Make water your drink of choice

Not only is tap water free, it contains zero sugar. Try adding a slice of fresh lemon for flavour.

For more ideas, simple recipes and easy-to-use meal planner tools, click on the Livelighter links below:


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