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Do you have some small property maintenance that needs doing?

Green Skills Inc in Albany has a Razorback which helps to rip through those terrible weeds and firebreak issues - things like African lovegrass and small bushes (we know how fiddly that can be!) Our Ecojobs staff also clean up weeds, plant, chainsaw and do all sorts of small property maintenance which means that you can focus on other areas you prefer doing!

Check out this video and see just how amazing this piece of equipment is!

Call Green Skills Albany on 9842 1334 or email albany@greenskills.org.au to find out more.

The Sydney Golden Wattle is a highly invasive, large Eastern states wattle that can cause a lot of issues in the local environment, displacing native plants and creating a monoculture.

If you spot some on your property or when out and about - take a photo and send it to Bernard: bdebunnetat@greenskills.org.au or ecojobsalbany@greenskills.org.au

Greenskills currently have funding to work on the removal of this in the Great Southern Region and would appreciate your assistance in helping to identify sites where we could be of the most help!

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