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Healthcare closer to home with telehealth

You might have heard lately that many health services and GPs in Albany are using telehealth to consult with patients, but do you know how it works?

A telehealth appointment is just like any other medical appointment, but uses videoconferencing, so you will see the specialist on a screen from your home or in a private room at your local health centre.

It’s free, convenient, and easy to organise. Telehealth reduces the need to travel as you can use it to attend appointments with your clinician in Perth or another location.

You don’t have to operate any of the telehealth equipment yourself and most people say it’s just like being in the room with the specialist. You can also have a family member or support person with you.

Any photographs, X-rays or test results your health provider needs can be arranged with you beforehand.

Ask your GP what telehealth options are available to you when they are making your specialist referral.

For more information about telehealth, visit:


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