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Healthy facts vs fiction online

For most Australian adults (78%), the internet is their first port of call for health-related information[1]. With so many websites and social media pages available, knowing which ones to trust and which to ignore is not always easy.

When accessing online health information, consider the following[2]:

Who wrote it?

  • Who produces the site or page?

  • Are the authors qualified experts in their field?

  • Look for .gov .edu or .org sites.

Is it accurate?

  • Is the information factual and logical?

  • Is the information supported by evidence?

  • Are information sources provided?

Is it up to date?

  • When was the information written?

  • When was it last reviewed?

Is it balanced?

  • Are risks and benefits explained?

  • Is the website selling something?

  • Does the site contain advertising?

For residents of Albany and surrounds, you can find reliable sources of health information here:





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