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It’s back to school – remember 40km/h zones

After a fun filled couple of weeks School students will be returning to school on Monday, 12 October and the City of Albany would like to remind everyone to take extra care and to heed the 40km/h zones around schools as children begin heading back.

As the kids heading back to school will be excited, chattering, looking at their phones, running to catch up to friends or riding their bikes – it’s essential that drivers slow down and be vigilant as schools resume again.

With statistics showing that every year police detail a high number of people fined for travelling at more than 40km/h in school zones all of us as road users need to be cautious in school zones, even when doing the correct speed, to ensure that children’s lives are protected.

In Western Australia 40km/hr speed zones are in place around schools from 7:30 - 9am in the morning and from 2:30-4pm in the afternoon on school days with research showing that a child hit by a car at 40km/hr has a 75% chance of surviving compared to a child hit at 60km/hr only having a 20% survival rate.


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