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Kenna Kicks Cycle Challenge!

12 months ago City of Albany employee Kenna Sutherland set himself a challenge to to ride to and from work every day for a whole year.

This week he completed his challenge!

We threw some questions at him about how he went with the long and physical challenge.

Daily commute length: 16km

Total distance cycled in the year: 3248km

Number of times riding in the rain: around 10-15 times.

Number of flat tyres: 3 which resulted in decent walks - after that I finally learnt my lesson and put a spare in my bag!

Number of times you accidentally left something at home: forgot my air pods a handful of times.

Most surprising thing you saw out and about: it's amazing how many people you see out enjoying life on the really wet and windy dark morning.

Most challenging thing about riding: definitely making the commitment. Without a commitment to do an entire year it would have been hard to head out into the rain at 6am in the winter, but without having any other option is was easy to just get on with it.

Best thing about riding: experiencing whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at you. From the amazing sunrises to the horizontal hail - it's all good!


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