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Meet the Maker Monday | Eleanor Barber

What is it that you do artistically? I am a graphic designer by trade and paint terrace houses in ink & watercolour as well as making stationary items from old maps, records and floppy disks amongst other things. Why do you do what you do? I love being creative but I also hate waste and am trying to change that by designing new & practical items from various things that get thrown out. I hope to educate people through my markets and shop, to not waste as much or to at least find ways to re-use. When did you start in your industry? As an artist in my teens and as a trained graphic designer over 8 years ago. My up-cycling shop I officially started at the markets one year ago. How would you describe your style? Diverse, unique, eclectic, distinctive & quirky. Has your style changed over time? It has simplified and isn't as busy as it use to be!

What does inspiration mean to you and who inspires you? Inspiration to me means a sudden creative idea which can come especially when relaxed and in nature. I find inspiration in books, patterns and of course pintrest! Who inspires me? People who have no fear and will push boundries without worrying about what people think. Gustav Klimt and Frank LLoyd Wright among some of the people that inspire me, thinking out of the box ahead of their time. What memorable responses have you had to your work? 'It's so neat and tidy' was a big response from my paintings in the Art Trail. But also surprise when they see my up-cycled records made into notebooks or an old street map re-purposed into envelopes or folders. That's why I love doing markets as I have constant interaction with the public, which is the essence of any business I think. What have you been working on recently? My website!

What is your dream project? To have an up-cycling shop in Albany with wares for sale from all up-cycling artists out there! How would you describe the Arts & Culture scene in Albany? Absolutely fantastic, diverse, large and interactive. This scene works in so many facets and areas which makes it so inspiring for all artist. Thank you to all involved.

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