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Meet the Maker Monday | Jon Doust

What is it that you do artistically?

Write Why do you do what you do?

I have been cursed from an early age with an inner voice that tormented me. The only way to ease the torment was to write it all down. I started as a letter writer at age 12, moving on to a diary, then short stories from about 20. When did you start in your industry?

My first short stories were published in 1975, at WAIT (Curtin University), in creative writing magazines. How would you describe your style?

it has developed into what I call realism based on life experiences. Has your style changed over time?

Yes. My first novel was written from inside the head of a confused and angry 12 - 17 year old boy. The second from inside the troubled and disturbed head of a drunken youth. The third, final, and newly released, both from inside and outside the head of an older man looking back. Thus, very different styles for each.

What does inspiration mean to you and who inspires you?

Life inspires me. Other writers inspire me - Alex MIller, Herman Hesse, Amoz Oz. Musicians - Leonard Cohen. Young people - Greta Tunberg, Malala Yousafzai. What memorable responses have you had to your work?

Couldn't put it down. Reads like a post-pubescent male fantasy. I don't normally read but I have read three novels over the last ten years, all written by you. Please stop. What have you been working on recently?

Just released novel - Return Ticket. What is your dream project?

The history of the Pink Lady Apple. How would you describe the Arts & Culture scene in Albany?

Vibrant, inclusive, welcoming, loving, fascinating.




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