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MeetUp Albany - About the Host Bob Symons, ACE Camera Club

Why did I become a host?

Our camera club is based on the emerging non-competitive model which left us with the question, “what do we do instead”?

Our first experience was being involved in producing images for the 2014 Anzac event and we quickly found our niche in supporting local projects as a way of learning photography while, at the same time, making a positive contribution to our community.

I see MeetUp as an important part of bringing about a return to a more connected community which enables interaction and engagement with others at so many levels.

What’s in it for me?

I think the main reward is seeing people of all ages getting together to share their interests, expand their connections and take on new challenges.

What are the positives of this platform?

The covid-19 pandemic made club communication a top priority due to the isolation restrictions and platforms such as Meetup and Zoom have become essential tools that enable us to maintain ongoing connections within our club and the wider community.

While MeetUp provides us with an excellent platform to create a more connected environment it needs to have a reasonable support base so I would encourage everyone to be involved and make a contribution in whatever way they can.

Do you want to get involved?

I encourage everyone to jump onboard whether as a host creating a new exciting activity or as a guest attending an activity. MeetUp is super simple to use & it’s free! – What else could we want! Download the app get started today

Connect without the fuss!

If you want to become a host please contact our team at or on 6820 3023.


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