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Pandemic Public Awareness Poster Project

Vancouver Arts Centre are running a competition to find the Great Southerns best COVID-19 pandemic poster!

Research indicates that when we as humans face a threat that cannot be seen, or seems too large or abstract to make sense of (like climate change for example), we can end up feeling disempowered and unsure of what we can really do about it.

Visual communication is a powerful tool that can help provide a clear message of action for individuals. Poster campaigns have often been used in times of social crisis (WWII for example) to convey calls to collective action and to encourage and inspire members of the public to continue to withstand, remain resilient and stay hopeful for the future.

Albany artist, Chelsea Hopkins Allan, created the above fabulous poster and inspired us to launch a bigger project encouraging community and local artist and designers’ participation in creating a range of public awareness posters to share across social media, and present as a virtual exhibition on Instagram.

In addition, a selection of the best posters will also be printed and distributed in public places throughout our community, and will also be printed in large format on archival quality paper for inclusion into the City of Albany’s Art Collection, for a visual record of this time and for future exhibiting when the Town Hall gallery opens.

To get involved download the info sheet!

Pandemic Poster Project
Download PDF • 690KB


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