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Plan your school commute!

Looking for a silver (home school) lining? Start planning an active transport return to school!

Parents of school aged kids – we know you are doing it tough right now. Heading into Term 2 with home schooling is likely to be a bit challenging for just about everyone.

Keeping the kids (and yourself) physically active is going to be a really important way to keep things on the level. So why not take the opportunity to use this time to plan and practice an active transport route to school? (Yes, one day they will go back to school!)

The silver lining is that there is less traffic on the road, so it’s a great time to work out the best walking or cycling route.

Here’s some simple tips to help you plan a safe journey:

  1. Plan out your route from home, using Google maps to work out the distance.

  2. Plan to cross any roads where there is a crosswalk or warden, where possible.

  3. Talk to your kids about road safety before you set off, and reinforce those messages while you are out and about. Need some age appropriate road safety tips? Check out these great resources: https://www.sdera.wa.edu.au/parents/.

  4. If it’s too far – then why not Park and Walk or Ride? We’ve got these great maps for many of the schools in Albany to help you find an easy place to park and then walk or ride the rest of the way https://www.albany.wa.gov.au/facilities/recreation/cycle-city.aspx.

  5. Supervise your kids – older kids can go it alone after you’ve done it with them, but always keep an eye on younger kids and ride or walk with them.

  6. Make any adjustments you need to the route, and then practice, practice, practice!

And hey - if riding is not your thing, you live way too far away from school, or you can’t make supervising younger kids while they ride or walk part of your ‘normal’ daily routine – that’s ok. Maybe a school bus would work for you instead? Check out our handy map to get you started:


Happy planning!

Kids cycling to School


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