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Protecting your most vulnerable family members 👶🏻

At a time when we are all focused on working together to keep our family, friends and community safe from COVID 19 it is important to remember that each year approximately 120 children are killed or seriously injured while travelling on our roads and approximately 14% of these are not appropriately restrained at the time.

Therefore the Albany Road Wise Committee is encouraging all drivers to ensure that children travelling in their vehicles are appropriately restrained and remember that children under the age of 7 must be in an Australian Standard and appropriately fitted Child Car Restraint (capsule or booster seat)

As well as ensuring the Child Car Restraint is fitted properly it is also important to regularly check and maintain the restraints. Some tips to ensuring the child you are transporting is as safe as possible include.

Child Car Restraint Tips

Tip 1: Use of older and second hand restraints

Before you decide to pass on your unused or unwanted child car restraint (or before you decide to purchase/receive a second hand restraint), ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the restraint more than ten years old (the date of manufacture is stamped on the underside of the restraint)?

  • Has the restraint been involved in a car crash (do you know its history)?

  • Is the restraint missing any of the parts it was manufactured with?

  • Is the restraint damaged (fraying, stretched, cut or damaged straps; plastic warped, cracked or with stretch marks; buckles not working or no audible ‘click’)?

If you are unsure of the history of the child car restraint, it should not be used – there may be damage that you cannot see.

Tip 2: Child Car Restraint Care

It is important to care for your child car restraint to ensure that it stays in good condition, reduce wear and tear and keeps your child safe each and every trip.

Always follow the child car restraint manufacturer’s instructions on the best way to clean your restraint. A clean child car restraint helps stops the device’s material from deteriorating and is also more hygienic for your child.

Tip 3: Use a Child Car Restraint Every trip

Just going around the corner? Popping to the shops? Not going far?

Sometimes we are tempted to not worry about using a child car restraint if we are only going a short distance or if we are in a hurry. Crashes can (and do) occur close to home and on short trips too.

Use a child car restraint for every child, every trip.

For more information visit or call the Child Car Restraint Information Line on 1300 780 713.


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