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Sorry, I have Plants This weekend

With a bit more time on your hands are you interested in greening your home garden or even your verge?

Did you know by greening your garden or verge can improve local water quality, improve community health and well-being, and increase local amenity. Plus it can make it look pretty gorgeous too when you do that mail or bin run in Iso!

We think it’s pretty important and the City has worked hard to lead the way in saving water and greening our spaces and is an endorsed Waterwise Council and Waterwise Aquatic Centre!

That means the Water Corporation together with the City of Albany has some useful information to help you on your way!

Visiting the links below you can see:

  • Simple garden designs

  • Get the know how on upgrading your irrigation

  • Soil preparation and mulching options

  • Responsible fertilising for a flourishing garden with HALF PRICE compost bins!

  • How to get your FREE STREET TREE this autumn!

Ready to get going?

Here are some simple steps:


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