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Stay accountable, challenge your friends, and win prizes!

A few of us might be familiar with Strava, it is an app that tracks our cycle, run or walks using GPS data. But you may be missing out on is the Challenges feature.

Strava offers a range of challenges which is a fun way to motivate people in achieving their goals. These range from running, walking, hiking, swimming, bike riding, and more! Each challenge is totally different, some are based on distance, speed, time, and quantity number of workouts / sessions.

Some of challenge options include:

  • Virtual races, segment challenges and monthly series.

  • New rotating monthly challenges that may include a walk or daily commutes.

  • Streak challenges that ask participants to complete a certain amount of activities for a consecutive number of weeks.

Another perk of the Strava challenges is the PRIZES! Sometimes Strava will partner with sponsors that offer some great prizes, how much more motivation do you need?

Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? Check out the latest Strava challenges, sign yourself up, share the challenge with your family and friends, and give kudos to others within the challenge to commend their hard work!


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