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Staying strong in the new normal

COVID-19 has prompted many of us to change the way we live for the better, such as:

· talking more often with friends and family

· lounge room and backyard workouts

· improved hygiene and cleaning routines; and

· swapping fast-food dinners for nutritious home cooked meals.

Less healthy habits may have also surfaced, such as drinking alcohol or smoking more often and sleeping less. Luckily, now is a great time to keep our bodies and minds strong to face the future – here’s how:


We’ve seen that most of us can quickly change our daily routines, so what new habits do you want to keep or ditch?

Add variety

Make a plan and mix up your routine with new fitness or relaxation activities, try different foods and recipes and set yourself new goals.

Ask for help

Some things we can’t do on our own and that’s okay, we don’t have to go it alone, find a friend, neighbour or workmate who might have similar goals.

Seek professional advice if you need. Talk to your GP or access other support services listed on the Think Mental Health website.

Prepare for setbacks

Find other ways to be active or relax in the case of bad weather, injury or other issues that arise.

Be kind to yourself

If you do have a setback, don’t give up. Setbacks happen to everyone and will be normal during this time. Regroup and focus on small steps.

Visit the Livelighter Healthy at Home webpage for free resources to help you get planning.


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