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Tourism Recovery Fund

Today the State Government has announced a Tourism Recovery Fund to provide financial assistance to tourism businesses. This follows Tourism Council WA’s sustained advocacy on the cash flow crisis facing tourism businesses as a result of COVID-19 restrictions. Tourism Council WA has pursued this assistance through our media, PR and government lobbying efforts. As a result of our advocacy, eligible Accredited Tourism Businesses which had missed out on the State’s $17,500 payroll tax grant can now apply for financial assistance. The assistance is:

  • Recovery Grants of $6,500 per eligible business including accommodation, attractions, tours, transport and tourism experiences – for up to 1,600 businesses.

  • Tourism Business Survival Grants of $25,000 - $100,000 for businesses in exceptional circumstances.

We are very proud to have advocated for Accredited Tourism Businesses to be the focus of this funding and Accredited Tourism Businesses will make up the vast majority of the 1,600 businesses which will receive the grants. We will be in touch shortly with as much information and assistance as possible to assist you to apply for the grants. Unfortunately, the total funds available and eligibility criteria set by the government will limit the grant funding and not all businesses wanting grants will meet the eligibility criteria.

For more information, visit the Tourism WA website.


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