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Travel advice for grey nomads

If you're planning on escaping Albany for warmer parts of our great state this winter we recommend you plan ahead, especially if you're an older West Australian.

Taking a few simple steps before leaving home could help prevent any health-related interruptions to your holiday.

This will also ensure you don’t place increased pressure on remote, smaller health services.

Before you head off

It’s best to book an appointment with your GP before your trip to discuss your medications, get any scripts you might need and to talk about any health issues that may impact your travel plans.

A GP can also give you a full list of your medications to take away with you.

Make sure you’ve got enough medication for the duration of your trip and pack your scripts too, just in case. Remember, it’s important to continue taking your regular medications, even when you’re on holiday, as forgetting could have serious effects on your health.

Top tips for older travellers

  • Make sure to pack your medications and repeat scripts.

  • Ensure your medications are stored properly so they remain effective.

  • Ensure your scripts are filled ahead of time to avoid running out of medication.

  • Keep your doctor, pharmacy, family and emergency numbers handy.

  • Put in place a medication reminder system to ensure medications are taken on time. This could include setting an alarm.

  • Bring a first aid kit for managing small cuts and abrasions.

  • Seek advice regarding travel insurance and ambulance cover before leaving.

  • Continue physical distancing, good hand hygiene and sneeze and cough etiquette at all times.


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